Our Fundraising

The following is a list of people and organisations that we have contributed to, with links to their websites:

Lighthouse Community Services

LCS being the parent body that oversees Canungra Op Shop, we are able to contribute towards the main fundraising goal, which is housing for victims of Domestic Violence.



Needs in Canungra

Canungra is a lovely township with friendly people, a wide variety of cafes and interesting shops to explore. We have had the opportunity to help the local Canungra Owls Soccer club to buy equipment, the Canungra Swimming Pool to be supplied with a Defibrilator (which we hope is never needed but is there just in case), and also give assistance to local families in crisis due to unemployment, health crisis or homelessness.

Asian Aid

This Australian, not-for-profit charity organisation has now been operating for 50 years. providing education to children and young adults in disadvantaged communities, assists Nepalese women suffering from uterine prolapse, leper communities, special-needs children, trafficked girls and women, slum communities, the sick and the very poor. We seek to alleviate poverty, to empower, to advocate and to give hope. www.asianaid.org.au

Wings of Hope

As a fully qualified doctor and pilot, Dr Mark Turnbull (and his family) has provided much needed health care in remote Pacific Island communities, especially Vanuatu. Having spent over 10 years serving in the islands of Vanuatu, it has been said that he is probably known by the majority of people in Vanuatu.  And now, in response to other needs, their family have helped found a school for disabled children. http://www.4hishope.com/

Aust Anti-Ice Campaign

This wonderful group of professionals are working to roll out effective education programs to help our youth  realise the life-destroying potential of  the drug, Ice. While currently working as volunteers, they are seeking Government funding so they can more effectively work to save our youth.

Current statistics show that EVERY day, 27 young people (age 15-24) are becoming regular/addicted Ice users. You can become a donor here:

Farm Appeal

Long-time Tamborine Mountain resident and devoted charity worker, Betty Pugh, has for many years been working selling 2nd hand items to raise money for our battling farmers out west. We have in the past been able to contribute to some of Betty’s postage costs to remote areas, and Betty contributed much to help our shop get up and running in its early days.