What should you donate?

Are you unsure about what items are best to donate? Some people don’t like causing us more work by giving us items that aren’t good enough to resell.

Since joining up with Lighthouse Community Services, we now have the ability to send off damaged clothing, shoes and other personal items to an Australian recycling company. We are happy that this also includes glassware & crockery. This helps ensure your damaged items are recycled, and it also reduces landfill.

Please be aware, occasionally donations will need to be refused if the items are dirty or damaged to a state that it represents a health hazard to our volunteers.

Here’s some simple questions to ask as you ponder your pile of paraphernalia:

Here’s a guide for what items are best for us to re-sell:

Preferred Please no…
Clothes &
New, near new, clean Mouldy or affected by vermin
Shoes New, near new, clean
Books New, near new, or collectible Mouldy or affected by vermin
Crockery In good condition, or vintage
Electrical Working Not currently working.
Toys & Baby
In good condition, clean Broken, cracked, dirty, mouldy
Furniture Clean, in good condition Broken, torn upholstery, mould/mildew damage, smells
Other general items Clean, unbroken, undamaged