Where do the funds that are raised go to?
We aim to spend up to half of our funds raised on local projects, and the remaining goes to our main goal, housing for domestic violence affected. Support has also been given to local sporting groups, and families struggling with financial hardship.

Do you take electrical items?
Yes we do. However, please do not donate items that aren’t working as we cannot repair electrical items. Be aware that acceptance of any items is up to the discretion of the staff present on the day.

Do you take furniture? If so, can you pick it up from me?
We will usually accept furniture if it is in good condition and we have space for it in our shed. If you can deliver it yourself then we would kindly ask you do so. Sometimes we are able to collect donations. Call our store on 5543 5533 to discuss your situation to see if we can help.

Can I drop things off after hours?
Yes you can! For clothing, shoes, books and other non-breakable items, we have a donation bin at the back of our store (access via Lawton Lane). Larger or breakable objects can be left next to our donation bin or undercover behind the shop. Please do not leave large donations there over night, especially in bad weather conditions. Thankfully the people of Canungra have been respectful of items left in the open at our store and haven’t rifled through them leaving a mess.

Are you linked to other larger Op Shops?
No. We have no ties to any of the larger Op Shop chains. We are affiliated with a registered Not-For-Profit venture, Lighthouse Community Services, who currently operate another op shop in Railway St, Southport and one on Currumbin Creek Rd, Currumbin Waters.

What Church runs this Op Shop?
Our shop is not affiliated in any way with any denomination. Our management team are mostly Seventh-day Adventist Christians who have set up an Incorporated Association. Our aim is to provide help locally and also purchase property to provide housing for families affected by Domestic Violence.

How did the Op Shop get started?
The shop is an out-growth of charity work that operated for nearly 20 years, sending anything from clothing to machinery to the Pacific Islands. Check out more of our story on the About Us page.

Why don’t you open on Saturday?
Those who appreciate our fund raising and charity work have asked why we don’t take advantage of Saturday trading. Certainly, from a financial perspective it does seem a bit silly not to do so. However, raising money for charity isn’t our highest priority.

Our Association, while not connected to any church, is operated by a group of Christians who seek to follow the principles of life set out in the Bible. Those principles are all based on love: firstly to God and then to humanity. One of those principles advocates a set 24 hour period in which our attention can be fixed more seriously on enjoying a relationship with God. That 24 hour period is referred to in the Bible as the Sabbath (the 7th day of the week).  God promises a blessing as a result of respecting this principle, and we have certainly found that to be true. We would invite you to learn more by clicking here.